Compassionate Legal Guidance For Product Defect Injury Victims

Serious injuries sustained from use of defective consumer products, items that have not been properly prepared for market, may make the injured victim eligible for compensation.

The Ozzello Practice PC's complex product liability lawyers work to recover damages for accident injuries caused by malfunctioning and defective products.

Our experienced Los Angeles attorneys investigate, negotiate and advocate for plaintiffs seeking maximum financial compensation after accidents caused by negligence.

The firm handles individual and class action lawsuits, exploring every possible option for financial recovery, which may include the:

  • Product designer
  • Manufacturer
  • Marketer
  • Supplier

To learn more about product liability, including product-related personal injury lawsuits with multiple defendants, contact the firm for more information and to schedule an initial consultation. The Ozzello Practice PC represents consumer and corporate clients in California and nationally.