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Working For Fairness In Employment Scheduling And Pay

When a business owner in California or elsewhere is in violation of employment wage-hour laws — denying employees meal breaks, failing to compensate workers for overtime, and failure to reimburse expenses, for example — The Ozzello Practice PC can help.

The firm's experienced employment law attorneys offer decades of combined experience with representation of both employer and employee sides of wage, hour and labor disputes.

Speak with a lawyer at The Ozzello Practice PC today to determine eligibility in wage-hour cases that may include:

  • Unpaid breaks
  • Work performed "off the clock"
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Denial and miscalculation of overtime
  • Withholding a final paycheck
  • Underpayment as a form of retaliation

Our firm serves wage-hour and class action clients statewide from law offices in Los Angeles. Initial consultations should be arranged by phone or email from this website.